There is a saying : Bad choices makes good stories and this is the case of mine too.

My teaching journey has been very interesting. One day I was explaining some concepts to my friends and there I got a kick to opt teaching as a career.

So I finally started my teaching journey in 2016 while I was pursuing CA. One can say that “Opportunity Cost for opting this profession as a career to me was CA”. I possess more than 5 years of teaching experience and I hold Masters in Commerce. I believe that Economics become easier when connected with real life. I try to simplify the complex topics and make abstract concepts accessible to students. I involve myself in creating creative, well informed and innovative individuals & help them in achieving their goals.

We as a team believe that teaching is very noble profession that shapes the Character, Caliber and Future of an individual. We try to inspire in them a drive to do well and succeed in life in order to achieve our institutional goals as well.

“Education is what drives our Economy and A dynamic economy begins with a good education.”